Buying A New Home Is A Responsible Decision For Your Family

There’s something truly unique and special when yours is the very first family to call a new house “home.”

It’s a responsible choice and it pays off both in the short- and long-term.

Since 1949, homeowners throughout Ontario have discovered the joys and advantages of buying new with George Sinclair Construction.

Protected Under the Ontario Home Buyer Warranty

Unlike pre-owned houses, new construction homes are covered – by law – under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, which is administered and governed by a private corporation called Tarion.

Designed to protect you – the new home buyer – the warranty guarantees the people, materials and methods used to build you home adhere to all provincial codes.

Tradespeople – Your new home is constructed by licensed home builders, vendors and experienced tradespeople.

Material & Construction – The materials used to build your home are free of defects and the methods used adhere to the Ontario Building Code.


Improved Energy Efficiency

As energy efficiency standards evolve, it’s much easier for a newly built home to take advantage of them vs. retrofitting an older, pre-owned home.

  • ENERGY STAR® doors and windows do a superior job keeping cold air out and warm, comfortable air in
  • Smart thermostats give you pinpoint control over the temperature settings throughout your house
  • Modern HVAC systems ensure the air quality inside your home is as pure and clean as possible

There’s no doubt about it: Buying a new home is a significant investment.

It’s also one that can start paying for itself when you notice low energy bills month-after-month (especially if you moved from a pre-owned home).

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