Buying A New Home Is A Responsible Decision For Your Family

Why Buy New?

When you buy a new home from a builder like George Sinclair, you are getting the best possible value for your investment. It is a decision that will give your family a great start in a new area.

Let’s get more specific. What exactly is so good about buying new?

Ontario Buyer Warranty

The single most significant reason to buy a new construction home is the Ontario Home Buyers Warranty. All newly built homes are warrantied under the Tarion program. The program applies to all new construction and gives home buyers peace of mind when buying, but does not apply to buying pre-owned houses.

Of course, builders like George Sinclair who stand behind the quality of their work will fix any deficiencies or faults without the coercion of the Tarion program.

Create the Ideal Home for Your Family

Buying a newly built home gives you and your family control over many of the things you’d have to search long and hard for in an existing house.

Want nine foot ceilings with crown molding and dual vanities in the master bathroom? All you have to do is ask. Many of the extras you would have to search for in a pre-owned house might even come standard in our packages. In addition, pre-construction prices are typically better than post construction prices – the value proposition is built right in.

Get the Best Lot in The Neighbourhood

A perk of buying new construction that many buyers overlook is the freedom to pick your lot within the community. Buying early will give you a wide selection of corner lots, long or wide lots, low traffic areas. You not only get to customize your house, but the placement of it as well.

There are plenty of reasons to buy new. If you’re interested in learning more, read about our new community and models, or stop by our model home.

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