Buying A New Construction Home Is Exciting

Buying a newly built home from George Sinclair Construction is:

  • Easy
  • Exciting
  • Full of benefits over previously owned houses.

There’s no previous owner with emotional attachments to the house to contend with. When building and buying a brand new house, it’s just you and the builder.

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a newly-built home, the following steps can help you get started.

Weigh the Pros of Buying a New Home

Many people buy a new construction house because nothing feels quite like being the first family to call it “home.” Of course, there are other advantages you should be aware of:

Everything is brand new

  • Plumbing. Lighting. Heating. All the vital systems that make a home comfortable have never been used

Improved energy efficiency

  • New homes are more energy-efficient than their pre-owned counterparts. That’s because they’re constructed using the latest building code standards

Learn more about why you should buy a new home.

Buying a new construction home in Niagara Falls

Research the Neighbourhood

Prior to buying a new home, visit the neighbourhood and take a walk around.

After all, it’s your neighbourhood.

Things you should look for include:

Quality of existing homes

  • The new homes that have already been built give you a good sense of what yours will look like when it’s finished

Note the amenities

  • Is a good school within walking distance? Is work a short drive away? Will it take extra time to visit the dentist? Check out the neighbourhood amenities and where they are

The process of starting to buy a new home is exiting, rewarding and truly life-changing.

Learn more about the amenities located near Trailside, our newest community development.

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