Service No Other New Home Builders Can Match

Delivering Excellent Service

We’ve been in the home building business for a very long time. For more than 65 years, we’ve built new homes in Hamilton for families just like yours.

Through that time we’ve learned a lot about what a home can mean to a family. It’s where dreams begin and memories are made. It’s where children are safe to be themselves and parents can unwind. We want to give you the home you’ll want to stay in for the long run, and to do that we need to hear what you have to say.

No Factory Line For Customers

One of our communities, Paradise Meadows, contains 28 lots for new homes. We don’t expect to be working with buyers on each of those lots at once. But even if we did, this number of projects is small enough for us to maintain a level of individual service no other builder can match.

Our agents can spend more time with you, working to find the right customization to suit the needs of your family. With eight base model homes to choose from and unhindered access to upgrades and finishes, we can make your home truly unique for a price that fits in your budget.

Inspect With Your Own Eyes and See For Yourself

Delivering Excellent Service

We receive a lot of repeat business and a hefty number of referrals because of the personal approach we take to the home building process.

Before we hand over the keys, we allow you to complete a full inspection of the house, and provide tips on what to look for here, on our home inspection page. We listen to your requests and use the local trades workers we’ve partnered with (in some cases for more than 50 years) to make it right.

There are plenty of new homes in Hamilton, but no new home builders offer the combination of quality and service we do. Stop by our model home or give us a call to learn more about what we can offer.

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