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What Is a Bungalow Style Home?

This entry was posted in New Home on March 4, 2019 by George Sinclair Construction


What is a bungalow style home? What does a bungalow house look like? These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself when thinking about where and how you want to live.

Bungalows became popular in the 1950s and have stood the test of time. They are one-story houses that come with a whole heap of advantages. Read on to discover what makes bungalow living so appealing and why a bungalow is an ideal family home.

What Does a Bungalow House Look Like?

There are various types of bungalows:

  • Although one-story, bungalows can include an additional half story. This type of bungalow will usually have a sloped roof.
  • There are raised bungalows that have basements partially above ground. This will let in additional sunlight.
  • Some also have additional levels such as lofts and half-levels.
  • Dormer windows and verandas are common features of bungalows.
  • Bungalow designs can range from simple to intricate. It just depends on the homeowners’ preferences.


The Benefits of Bungalow Living

Bungalows have been popular for so long because they are:

  • Cost-efficient. Their property value tends to remain high and heating and cooling costs tend to be lower than other home designs.
  • Great homes for older or mobility challenged people as they offer easy access while being small and simple to maintain.
  • Low to the ground, which means windows can easily be blocked by greenery or fences. This will give you added privacy without limiting your light.
  • Customizable. Bungalows don’t often take all the space on a lot, which means you can choose to build a larger bungalow or go smaller knowing you have more space to allow for modifications and additions as your family grows.

Why Bungalows Are Great Family Homes

Bungalow living is a great option for families, especially those with young children because:

  • All rooms are on one level. You won’t have to go and check on the baby in the nursery upstairs while trying to do laundry in the basement. It’s just more practical.
  • You have the option of a large yard which will be great for your children to play in.
  • Bedrooms can be closer together, making it easier for you to keep track of everyone.
  • You could choose an open-concept design for your bungalow. If you do, you can easily monitor and interact with your children who are playing in one room, while you work in another. 
  • Bungalows are expandable. Growing families sometimes need increased square footage. You could extend your space upwards or sideways (if an addition conforms to zoning laws). If you love your home and where you are, it’s great peace of mind knowing you have the option to stay comfortably.
  • Bungalows offer a safer environment for your children. When you eliminate stairs, you take away some potential safety hazards.


The benefits of bungalows are clear, which is why they’re such a popular choice among families and older Canadians alike. Contact George Sinclair Construction for your new bungalow home.