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What is a Bungaloft and Why Choose One?

This entry was posted in New Home on April 4, 2019 by George Sinclair Construction

A bungaloft is a bungalow plus a loft. This flexible, beautiful home type was invented ten years ago but is now skyrocketing in popularity because the benefits it offers work well in our modern lives. The bungaloft combines the simplicity and convenience of a bungalow with a practical and trendy loft addition.

Appearance and Advantages of a Bungaloft

The exterior of a bungaloft can have the same materials as any other home. They can range from affordable and comfortable to luxurious and spacious. However, because they all have a master bedroom on the first floor and a loft on the second floor, bungalofts do have a distinctive look.

Bungalofts look long and low, like a traditional bungalow, with one extra peak on either side, where the loft is housed. In the example below from George Sinclair Construction’s Trailside community, the left most house has the loft peak on your left. However, the position of the loft is flexible and may also be on the right.


Either way, the result is a stately home that looks taller than the average bungalow and blends well in neighborhoods that also have two-story homes.

Of course, a bungaloft is also beautiful and practical on the inside. Lofts look over the main living space and create a sense of spaciousness. Or, if you prefer your loft space to be more private, the room can be walled in. It’s easy to add a huge window to a loft space, so even if it is walled in, it will still be full of natural light.

Unique Uses for a Bungaloft

A loft adds a lot of flexibility to a bungalow.  You can fill a loft with what matters most to you and create an incredibly unique living space for the whole family to enjoy.

Consider using your loft as a:

  • Workspace or office
  • Storage space
  • Craft space
  • Spare bedroom
  • Separate entertaining space
  • Bar
  • Playroom
  • Library
  • Gym
  • Piano room

The flexibility of the loft space makes it perfect for many different families and stages of life. Baby boomers can keep the loft as a space for the grandchildren to play or sleep. Couples can use the loft as an in-law suite, or as a sanctuary to pursue creative endeavors free from the activity of the main level of the home. It also works as a great man cave or office space for the same reason.

Not only can you make your loft as functional as you like, you can also fill it with unique décor. As a separate space, you can take risks when decorating lofts and make them thematically different from the rest of your home.

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