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Tips to Keep Your Niagara Falls Home Cool in Summer

Farmers Almanac

Have you read the Farmer’s Almanac summer forecast for Southern Ontario and Niagara Falls?

If not, here’s all you need to know:

  • Summer will be hotter than normal, with rainfall below normal in Southwest Ontario and above normal elsewhere. The hottest periods will be in early and late June, early July, and mid- to late August.

That raises a bit of a dilemma:

Now, you can’t go through the entire summer without using your air conditioner. That would be madness.

However, there are other ways to keep your home cool without breaking the bank.

Keep your blinds closed during the day

Closed blinds

When it’s bright and warm outside, it’s only natural to throw open the blinds and let the sunlight into your home.

But doing that adds approximately 30% of unwanted heat to your home because you’re creating a greenhouse effect inside the house:

  • Sunlight and heat enter the home (that’s good).
  • Sunlight and heat cannot escape the home (that’s bad).

With this simple change, it’s possible to lower the midday temperature (when it’s hottest) of your home by approximately 8°C.

If you aren’t keen on darkening every room inside your George Sinclair Construction home, only close the blinds on windows which face west and south.

One more thing: Replace any dark coloured blinds (which absorb heat) with something lighter in colour (to reflect heat).

Open your windows at night

Trailside, our newest Niagara Falls neighbourhood, is located minutes away from the falls themselves.

Open window at night

That proximity to the watery mist means that some nights can be incredibly cool and comfortable, which means you should:

And if you really want to be comfortable, you can create a wind tunnel inside your home (you’ll need floor-standing fans to do this):

  • Place one fan facing in on the side of the house getting the cool breeze.
  • Place a second fan facing out at the opposite side of the house.

By doing this, you’ll be drawing cool air towards you while pushing hot air away.

Use your appliances at night

If windows are the biggest sources of extra heat in your home, the second biggest are your appliances:

  • Oven/stove.
  • Washing machine.
  • Dryer.
  • Dishwasher.

Can’t wait until it’s dark to cook dinner? Get outside, fire up the grill, and avoid generating heat from your oven or stovetop cooker.

As for the other appliances:

  • Your dishwasher runs hot water.
  • Your washing machine can use hot water.
  • Your dryer uses heated air.

Now, if you can go through summer without doing laundry or washing dishes, well, we salute you; because that’s pretty awesome.

Otherwise, use your appliances when the temperature goes down. Not only will you minimize any extra heat generated, you’ll save money from using them on “non-peak” hours.

Repaint with lighter colours

Paint swatch

Moving soon? You’re probably thinking about painting before you move in.

With the right colour selection, you can cool down a room and give it a touch of your own personal design style too.

As mentioned earlier in this blog:

  • Light colours reflect light and heat.
  • Dark colours absorb light and heat.

White is always a good choice. It pretty much goes with any room décor and can definitely keep a room cool and comfortable.

If white’s not your thing, there are other colours you can choose. While paint shopping, look for the Light Reflectance Value (LRV).

The higher the number, less artificial light is needed in that room.

For example, white has an LRV of 80, while black has an LRV of 5.

Something else to consider: According to, orange, yellow, and red can make people feel a room is about 12°C warmer than it actually is.

Other things you can do

A few more easy-to-implement tricks to cool your home in summer:

  • Keep the doors inside your home open to promote air flow throughout room-to-room.
  • Leave bathroom exhaust fans on after showering to pull out any hot air.
  • Replace incandescent lights with more efficient CFL bulbs.
  • Clean your AC filter regularly to prevent debris from getting in the way of cool air.

Trailside: Cool and hot at the same timeTrailside

Model home renderings are now available for Trailside, our newest development of bungalow towns in the Lyons Creek area of Niagara Falls.

These homes are cool in design, and hot in demand.

In other words, they can make an ideal place for you to live and call home.

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