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The Importance of Our Local Supplier and Partner Relationships


We value our partner relationships

Think about every aspect that goes into your new George Sinclair Construction home:

  • Beautiful exterior brickwork
  • Gorgeous bathroom faucets and handles
  • Elegant wood trim throughout
  • Stunning granite countertops in the kitchen

Those available upgrades are the important personal touches which transform a house into a home.

They wouldn’t come to life without the support of our local partners and suppliers.

These are companies and businesses with the same commitment to styling great quality homes as we have in building them.

And we feel it’s time to highlight just how vital they are.

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We look for Hamilton partners

Working and supporting local partners

A big part of the Sinclair Advantage is delivering excellent service.

And as mentioned throughout our website (and when you contact us for more information about our homes):

“We trust all of our affiliated local trades workers to maintain the same standard of quality we promise to our customers.”

“Because of our longstanding relationship with local manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to source the most luxurious and desirable finishes at affordable prices.”

“We listen to your requests and use the local trades workers we’ve partnered with (in some cases for more than 50 years) to make it right.”

Safe to say, teaming up with Hamilton and HHHBA approved contractors is extremely important to us.

Hamilton is a great city. It’s full of smart and talented people who love and understand what it means to live here.

There’s no need to go outside of Hamilton when looking for carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other skilled trades people.


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Putting you in control

An important aspect of customizing your home is to ensure you get exactly what you want without compromise.

That’s why we have a large network of suppliers; each of which have the skills, experience and respect your demand and deserve when it comes to upgrading your house.

For example:

  • Want a built-in bathtub or stand-up shower? You choose.
  • Dual vanities in the bathroom or more counter space? You choose.
  • Maple or oak cabinets in the kitchen? You choose.

We use a variety of suppliers because you should have a variety of options to choose from.

George Sinclair isn’t in the business of building cookie-cutter, factory line homes.

In fact, our motto is:

“We don’t want to build any house. We want to build your house.”

 Doesn’t it make sense, then, for you to decide what should go into your home? It certainly does.

And doesn’t it make sense, then, for us to have partners, suppliers and manufacturers who can make you new home wishes come true?

It certainly does.

Save money

Our partners will help you save money

Working to keep more money where it belongs: In your pocket

Here’s the George Sinclair difference when compared to other home builders:

“Custom dream homes aren’t just for the richest home owners. Every family deserves a place to be proud of in Hamilton.”

Because of our strong and long-standing relationships with our suppliers, you’re able to get the completed upgrades you want at fair and affordable prices.

In fact, what other home builders consider “upgrades” are simply standard additions to your Vienna Orchards home:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Energy Star Windows
  • California knock down ceilings

How is this possible?

By working with reputable, trustworthy and honourable businesses who truly get what it means to buy and own a brand new home. such as:

Pollard WindowsTownsend Plumbing and Heating

DSK Kitchens



Turkstra Lumber


Via Roma

See for yourself what our partners can do for you

The best supplier and partner showcase you can experience is to see their work and craftsmanship for yourself.

You can start right now by viewing our available upgrades gallery or taking a look at completed upgrades in our model homes.

For a more personalized look, you can register for upcoming communities.

That way, you’ll be the first to receive exclusive invites to our newest home development projects.

And remember, you can contact us anytime you have questions regarding any and all aspects of our new homes.

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