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The Benefits of Quickly Closing on Your New Home

This entry was posted in Moving on October 31, 2018 by George Sinclair Construction

Owners who are selling their homes might a have stringent deadline they need to close their home by, which can be very inconvenient if you’re the person trying to buy their home.

However, new home developers can be much more flexible, and buyers often like to take advantage of that flexibility with a quick closing.

If you’ve never benefited from a smooth and fast closing process, you’ll be surprised at all the benefits it offers.

Renters Can Save Money

Moving into your new home right away can save you money.

If you’ve moving from a yearly rental agreement to a home, then you may need to find an interim residence and negotiate a monthly rental to fill the gap between the end of your existing lease and the closing date on your new home.

This scenario would mean you’d have move twice, which is a waste of money and is stressful for you.

Quick and flexible closing dates can help you move into your home exactly when your yearly rental agreement ends.

If your agreement ends sometime in the winter of 2018/2019, you’re in luck! The Trailside Development will offer you perfect timing with our flexible possession dates.

Homeowners Can Save Money

If your existing home is closing soon, finding temporary living arrangements until you can move into your new home is both expensive and stressful.

If you need to move for work but are currently renting a hotel room or trying to make other temporary living arrangements work so you can be close to your new job, you’re probably spending a fortune on your lodging.

Quickly closing means you won’t have to spend another night at a family member’s home, in a hotel, or in a short-term rental. A quick closing will save you money and make your life more comfortable and stable.

Reduce Stress and Ease Family Changes

Many people move because their family is changing.

  • If you have a child on the way, you want to welcome them into the world in a home that’s large enough for everyone.
  • Having children in a home that’s too small for them can be a daily frustration and even a potential source of behavioural challenges. Plus, who doesn’t want to have a little breathing room as soon as possible?

Some people move into a new home because they want a shorter commute, or to live in a more enriching neighbourhood.

  • If you’re moving to take advantage of better schools, amenities, or green spaces, your move will change your life and the lives of your family members for the better, especially if you’re moving in the Trailside Development.
  • Closing quickly means taking advantage of all of the perks of your new home sooner.

On the other hand, some homeowners are in a very different stage of life.

  • If you’re an empty nester whose adult children have moved out then you may want to downsize as soon as possible to capitalize on the cost savings – why heat, cool, or clean a much larger home than you need?
  • For empty-nesters, a quick closing on your new home means freeing up equity or reducing your mortgage payments. It also means starting a new phase of life, one where you reap the fruits of everything you’ve grown so far.

No Matter Your Situation in Life, Drawn Out Closings are Stressful.

When you’re waiting to move and waiting to change your lifestyle you’re ultimately waiting. What you really want is to get the move over with as soon as possible. Short closings allow you to get your life back to normal, sooner.

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