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The Advantages of Bungalows and Bungalofts

You’ve heard of a bungalow, but are you familiar with bungalofts? These two home types appeal to a broad spectrum of families, from young couples to seniors for their unique advantages and affordability. How can you tell these two types of homes apart, and is either one right for you?

What is a Bungalow?

Simply put, a bungalow is a single-story house. They were originally designed for affordability and therefore tend to have less square footage than other homes. However, the popularity of bungalows, especially for retiring couples, has exponentially increased. You can now find quite large bungalows.

What is a Bungaloft?

A bungaloft is a bungalow with a twist. Developers took the single-story bungalow and added a trendy loft on top, so the home could offer some more square footage, without detracting from all the benefits bungalows offer. Normally, the loft is positioned over the garage so that it is only a half-story above the rest of the home. This ensures they have shorter stairs than two-story homes.


The loft may be designed as a living, entertainment or office space. Or, it could have a few more privacy features and function as a guest or kid’s bedroom. Sometimes, a full door turns this space into a master bedroom.

The Advantages of Bungalows and Bungalofts

There are many unique advantages of bungalows that make them appealing for seniors, families, and young couples:

  • Accessibility: Without stairs, the whole home is easier for seniors and those with mobility issues or limitations to access.
  • Open design: Bungalows have open floor plans that feel modern and spacious, to counter-balance their small size.
  • Affordability: That small size also means that bungalows are often very affordable choices. Plus, their design and build costs are lower without the second floor, so even large bungalows may be more cost-effective than a similar two-story home.
  • Large lots: Larger bungalows are often placed on a corner or large lots, which is lovely for gardeners, those who entertain outdoors, or those who like their privacy.
  • Resale value:  Bungalows appeal to such a wide range of people that they are very easy to sell.

Though the small staircase may deter some people who prefer bungalows, the bungaloft has some advantages that may make up for it:

  • Flexibility: The loft isn’t just a trendy space. The extra room can be used for many purposes, from bedrooms to craft/art space, to separated office space, or a playroom to keep rambunctious kids occupied.
  • Affordability: A loft isn’t as expensive as other square footage additions because it doesn’t increase roof area or foundation size.
  • Beauty: A loft over the garage makes the exterior of the home more dynamic and interesting.

Bungalows and bungalofts are unique home designs that offer just the right mix of advantages for many people, from retirees to young families and couples. If either home design has caught your eye, take a look at the bungalows and bungalofts in our Lyons Creek, Niagara community.