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Tips to Keep Your Niagara Falls Home Cool in Summer

Have you read the Farmer’s Almanac summer forecast for Southern Ontario and Niagara Falls? If not, here’s all you need to know: Summer will be hotter than normal, with rainfall below normal in Southwest Ontario and above normal elsewhere. The hottest periods will be in early and late June, early July, and mid- to late... Read more

Niagara Falls History You Probably Didn’t Know About

When it comes to the history of Niagara Falls, most everyone knows the basics, such as: The Battle of Lundy’s Lane. Annie Edson Taylor was the first person to survive a trip over the falls (October 24, 1901). The Maid of the Mist sailed from the Canadian side from 1846 to 2013. The movies Superman... Read more

It’s Moving Day! Do Not Forget to Tackle These Tasks.

According to a study by BigSteelBox: 65% of Canadians think moving is stressful (that’s because it is) 25% of Canadians believe moving is the most stressful experience they’ll ever have 14% of Canadians don’t pack until the night before moving day (and end up making common moving mistakes) While it’s impossible to totally eliminate the... Read more

Your New Home and Taxes. Deductions You May Qualify For.

This entry was posted in New Home on March 13, 2018 by George Sinclair Construction
The information in this blog is for general purposes only. A new home construction expert or tax professional can help determine if you are eligible for these deductions.   It’s April. The tax deadline is just around the corner. Purchasing and building your new home from George Sinclair Construction this past year was exciting. And... Read more

9 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home (Infographic)

This entry was posted in New Home on March 5, 2018 by George Sinclair Construction
The first day of spring (Tuesday, March 20, by the way) is just a few weeks out here at George Sinclair Construction. But that doesn’t mean you need to wait until then to start your annual spring cleaning routine. Before you begin, make sure these must-have items are close at hand: Feather duster Mop Rubber gloves... Read more

Things for Young Adults to Do in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is absolutely perfect for young adults to discover; whether they’re just passing by or have decided to establish roots in the city. Here’s why: Niagara Falls has a thriving, exciting nightlife scene If you want to do something fun, you can always hit the Clifton Hill tourist area There’s plenty “off the beaten... Read more

Great Things to Do in Niagara Falls for Seniors

With its bright lights, numerous attractions, and overall energetic vibe, Niagara Falls is full of young- and middle-aged adults enjoying the city. But if you happen to be in your golden years (say, 65 and over), Niagara Falls has plenty to offer, both in the main tourist area of Clifton Hill and away from it.... Read more

6 Benefits of New Home Shopping in Winter

There’s no doubt about it: This winter’s been brutal. And with so much energy spent trying to stay warm and safe, the last thing on anybody’s mind is to go house-hunting (or even purchase a brand new great quality home). In reality? Winter’s actually a pretty good time to – at the very least –... Read more

New Home Décor Trends for 2018

This entry was posted in New Home on January 9, 2018 by George Sinclair Construction
Happy New Year from the team at George Sinclair Construction; we certainly hope 2018 is off to a terrific start for you and your family. Speaking of 2018, is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to move into a brand new great quality home? (If so, make sure you register for Trailside, our newest collection... Read more

Things to Do in Niagara Falls…Besides the Falls

Thousands of tourists from all over the world fly into Toronto (or Hamilton), hop on the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) and make their way to Niagara Falls. Without a doubt, the falls themselves are world famous and impressive: The sound of approximately 2.83 million litres of water going over the American and Horseshoe Falls each... Read more