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It’s Moving Day! Do Not Forget to Tackle These Tasks.

According to a study by BigSteelBox: 65% of Canadians think moving is stressful (that’s because it is) 25% of Canadians believe moving is the most stressful experience they’ll ever have 14% of Canadians don’t pack until the night before moving day (and end up making common moving mistakes) While it’s impossible to totally eliminate the... Read more

Moving Soon? Avoid These 7 Mistakes

Moving from one place to another is stressful enough. And having these common mistakes happen will only make things worse. 1. Going it alone Even a short move to a new George Sinclair Construction home can be physically, mentally and financially taxing: Physically, packing, lifting and loading/unloading boxes taxes a tremendous amount of effort. Combine... Read more

Seven Small Must-Have Items for Your New Home

You’ve signed on the dotted line. Your new George Sinclair Construction home is built and finished. It’s now time for the big move. Congratulations! If this happens to be your first home, you know about having the basics for moving in, such as: Furniture Bedding Dishes and cutlery Towels However, there are other daily essentials... Read more

Commonly Forgotten Items on Moving Day

When it comes to moving into your great new home, you’re the prince or princess of planning. You’ve made a list, checked it twice. And then checked it again for good measure. In the hustle and bustle of leading up to moving day, even the most thorough planner can forget to pack some small or... Read more

Brave the Cold & Warm Up in Our Model Home

Here’s the dilemma: you’ve decided that 2016 is your year to finally purchase a new home that’s customized for you. But the weather is so cold and snowy outside, you don’t want to venture out to view the model homes at George Sinclair Construction. We totally get it. But if you contact us to make... Read more

Don’t Wait to Paint. Six Reasons to Paint Before You Move In.

Moving into a new George Sinclair Construction house this year? Congratulations! It’s almost a certainty that you can’t wait to move all your furniture and belongings into your new home. There’s nothing more exciting – or personal – than finding a special spot for all your stuff. But, before you stock up each room in your... Read more

Why your family should move out of Toronto and settle in Hamilton

Torontians are moving their families to trendy Hamilton. The city has a growing reputation as an equally vibrant but less expensive alternative to Toronto. In the past, Hamilton was known as a town of sweat, steel and smoke on Lake Ontario's shores. However, it is now building a new reputation as a smart investment in real... Read more

Get comfortable with the steps of buying a home

Besides the satisfaction of having a roof over your head, there is yet another need to own a home. Something that is more assuring and provides the best environment for you and your loved ones to enjoy your time together. However, there are a number of challenges that you are likely to face when you have made... Read more

It Takes Approximately 33% of the Year to Properly Plan for a Move. Here’s How to Do It.

Moving is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. Planning in advance is the best way to stay on track and reduce anxiety. Begin by creating a timeline that starts well ahead of your move – ideally about three to four months before the big day. Here's one to get you started: 3... Read more