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Downsizing: The Advantages for Senior Residents

A growing family needs a lot of space, but seniors don’t. Once your children have flown the coop, you could gain a lot of benefits from downsizing, even beyond freeing up equity and reducing the time you spend maintaining your home. What is Downsizing?  First things first, what counts as downsizing? Technically, moving into any... Read more

Tips on How to Use Ice Melt Around Your Home This Winter

The first day of winter (Friday, December 21) is quickly approaching. Now, you never quite know when Old Man Winter will make his first appearance, but when he does, it’ll be a doozy. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, we can expect: Coldest periods in mid-November, early and late December, early January, and early and... Read more

How to Overcome Home Buyer’s Remorse

For many Canadians, signing on the dotted line to purchase a great quality home brings feelings of pride, excitement, and accomplishment. Having said that, a home purchase can also bring doubt and second-guessing. According to a study by Huffington Post Canada, 52% of millennial home buyers experience buyer’s remorse. Buyer’s remorse usually starts with second... Read more

6 Benefits of New Home Shopping in Winter

There’s no doubt about it: This winter’s been brutal. And with so much energy spent trying to stay warm and safe, the last thing on anybody’s mind is to go house-hunting (or even purchase a brand new great quality home). In reality? Winter’s actually a pretty good time to – at the very least –... Read more

Happy Holidays. Looking Back at Our Best Blogs of 2017

You may have noticed we've given our website a facelift in time for the holidays. Please feel free to check it out and to learn about Trailside, our newest development of bungalow towns. Thanks to WEB ROI for designing our new site. -- Firstly, the team at George Sinclair Construction would like to wish the... Read more

Get Your FREE Copy of Your Biggest New Home Buying Concerns – Answered

In 2016, the housing marketing around in Hamilton (and the rest of Canada for that matter) was off-the-charts hot. Here we are in the middle of 2017 and not much has changed. If you’re a first-time home buyer, you’re probably wondering about things like: Affordability: Am I able to purchase a great quality home in... Read more

Winter is Coming. It’s Going to Be Cold. Is Your Home Ready for It? (Infographic)

This winter is expected to be a doozy. As you stock up on hats, boots, mitts and winter tires, don’t forget to give your George Sinclair Construction home a thorough winter tune-up too. You’ll spend more time inside your great quality home than anywhere else during the snowy months. So getting started now will ensure it’ll... Read more

Ontario Land Transfer Tax

An oft overlooked part of buying a home in Ontario is calculation and payment of the Ontario land transfer tax (LTT). The LTT is defined as: A tax imposed by the provincial government to be paid by the purchaser of a property at the time of closing the sale. The land transfer tax is based... Read more

Understanding Home Floor Plans

  The floor plan is the one drawing that can tell us the most about a house before it’s actually built. And everyone on the George Sinclair Construction team who is involved in new home building refers to the floor plan to get the information they need: Architects Designers Home Builders Realtors Appraisers Home Inspectors... Read more

Download our FREE eBook, Your Biggest New Home Buying Concerns – Answered

As a first-time home buyer, you probably have many questions or concerns about buying a house in Hamilton, such as: Can I afford to buy a new home in Hamilton? Should I wait for prices to drop before I buy? What happens if the housing market goes down? You’ll get helpful answers to these –... Read more