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What is a Bungaloft and Why Choose One?

This entry was posted in New Home on April 4, 2019 by George Sinclair Construction
A bungaloft is a bungalow plus a loft. This flexible, beautiful home type was invented ten years ago but is now skyrocketing in popularity because the benefits it offers work well in our modern lives. The bungaloft combines the simplicity and convenience of a bungalow with a practical and trendy loft addition. Appearance and Advantages... Read more

What Is a Bungalow Style Home?

This entry was posted in New Home on March 4, 2019 by George Sinclair Construction
What is a bungalow style home? What does a bungalow house look like? These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself when thinking about where and how you want to live. Bungalows became popular in the 1950s and have stood the test of time. They are one-story houses that come with... Read more

Downsizing: The Advantages for Senior Residents

A growing family needs a lot of space, but seniors don’t. Once your children have flown the coop, you could gain a lot of benefits from downsizing, even beyond freeing up equity and reducing the time you spend maintaining your home. What is Downsizing?  First things first, what counts as downsizing? Technically, moving into any... Read more

The Advantages of Bungalows and Bungalofts

You’ve heard of a bungalow, but are you familiar with bungalofts? These two home types appeal to a broad spectrum of families, from young couples to seniors for their unique advantages and affordability. How can you tell these two types of homes apart, and is either one right for you? What is a Bungalow? Simply... Read more

Happy Holidays from George Sinclair Construction!

  From everybody here at George Sinclair Construction, we hope you have a family-filled Christmas and memorable New Year’s celebration! It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost here. It seems like only yesterday we were ringing in 2018. Before saying goodbye to 2018, we’d like to look back at the most popular blogs and... Read more

Tips on How to Use Ice Melt Around Your Home This Winter

The first day of winter (Friday, December 21) is quickly approaching. Now, you never quite know when Old Man Winter will make his first appearance, but when he does, it’ll be a doozy. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, we can expect: Coldest periods in mid-November, early and late December, early January, and early and... Read more

The Benefits of Quickly Closing on Your New Home

This entry was posted in Moving on October 31, 2018 by George Sinclair Construction
Owners who are selling their homes might a have stringent deadline they need to close their home by, which can be very inconvenient if you’re the person trying to buy their home. However, new home developers can be much more flexible, and buyers often like to take advantage of that flexibility with a quick closing.... Read more

New, Upcoming Neighbourhoods in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls (home to the latest George Sinclair Construction community, Trailside) is a city on the rise. While the falls themselves and tourist areas will always be a big part of the city’s identity, there’s much more to experience, such as: Modern family living. World class shopping. Terrific schools. Diverse employment opportunities. Thinking about moving... Read more

How to Overcome Home Buyer’s Remorse

For many Canadians, signing on the dotted line to purchase a great quality home brings feelings of pride, excitement, and accomplishment. Having said that, a home purchase can also bring doubt and second-guessing. According to a study by Huffington Post Canada, 52% of millennial home buyers experience buyer’s remorse. Buyer’s remorse usually starts with second... Read more

How to Get Your Home (and Family) Ready for Back to School

It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the New Year and publishing our first blog about 2018 new home décor trends here at George Sinclair Construction. But time really does fly. The first day of school for schools across Niagara Falls neighbourhoods is Tuesday, September 4. That means you’ve got a few weeks... Read more