What You Need to Know When Buying a New Construction Home

New Construction Developments Give Buyers Great Flexibility

New homes in new construction developments give buyers a ton of options. Sometimes, in fact, the variety of different options can be overwhelming to first time or other inexperienced buyers.

Deciding early what the most important things are for you and your family will help guide the decisions you have to make.

Make the Home Purposeful

A home is meant to shelter your family and provide safety and security. But it should also be more than that. Consider:

  • Does the home have the facility to accommodate all who will or might live there in the near future?
    • Expecting or planning for a child? Will your in-laws stop by for extended lengths of time, or move in permanently?
  • Would you consider creating a rental space in the basement for some extra income? An extra, private entrance could make this a much easier arrangement
    • New construction developments allow you to choose your lot, and some lots might be more conducive to the extra entrance scenario
  • Do you have two or more kids? Consider increasing the size of one of the interior rooms for a large play space

Our Finishes Are Extras for Other Builders

New constructions in other developments don’t include many of the standard finishes we do, such as California knock-down ceilings, fully sodded lots, Energy Star qualified windows and doors, a drywalled garage interior, and much more.

Even with this being said, many luxurious finishes and unique appliances will result in additional costs – so decide in advance what’s the most important to you. This will help you avoid becoming caught up in the moment and taking on additional costs that you can do without.

Write down what is most important for you in the new home, then learn more about our new community and models here, or by giving us a call or stopping by our model home.

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