Great Quality From New Construction Real Estate

Great Quality Homes

One of the huge advantages of buying in a small new construction real estate community is the amount of focus afforded by the builder. Due to our intimate community sizes, George Sinclair Construction can put more personal care into each home.

The personal relationship we develop with our buyers translates to a great quality home – we’re not just trying to produce as many “cookie-cutter’ properties as possible.

New Construction Real Estate Stats Back Up Our Claims

Any builder can say they stand behind their work. Any builder can say their homes receive personal attention and never fall short of their buyers expectations. But we have the stats to prove it.

We Don’t Just Build Homes, We Build Relationships

Great Quality Homes

We build relationships with our buyers as well as our trades workers. Many of our trusted tradespeople have offered their services to us for decades. In fact, we have even worked with some tradespeople for more than 50 years. We trust all of our affiliated local trades workers to maintain the same standard of quality we promise to our customers.

Luxury Is Not Just For The Rich

Because of our longstanding relationship with local manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to source the most luxurious and desirable finishes at affordable prices. Many high quality finishes that are considered extras for other builders even come standard in our homes.

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