Right off the bat, the team here at George Sinclair Construction wishes you a very Happy New Year.

January is all about fresh starts and new ideas; whether it’s setting a New Year’s Resolution, making big personal and professional changes or simply looking to try something different.

When it comes to your new home, 2017 is full of exciting trends to follow and changes to make.

So what are homeowners across the best neighbourhoods in Hamilton looking to do this year?

Read on to find out. And click on each image to view a larger version.

Country kitchenThe country kitchen

For years, kitchen design trends were all about keeping in line with the look and feel of modern appliances:

  • Sleek
  • Smooth
  • Monochromatic
  • Narrow

And while stoves and dishwashers aren’t regressing anytime soon, the kitchen décor surrounding them will have an old-fashioned feel in 2017.

Country-styled kitchens are expected to be in vogue with things like:

  • Vintage plaid drapes or curtains
  • Wooden, handmade kitchen cabinets (FYI, George Sinclair upgrades include maple or oak cabinets)
  • Hardwood flooring designed to look old and weathered
  • Antique countertop items (like breadboxes and cutting boards)

By nature, kitchens are designed to be fast and efficient in order to keep up with the busy pace of life.

But 2017 – in the kitchen, anyway – is all about slowing down and going back to a simpler time.

And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

High-tech bathroom

Image from TechDaring.com

The high-tech bathroom

If the kitchen is slowing down in 2017, the exact opposite is happening in the bathroom.

Modern electronic devices are being built to go anywhere – and that includes the bathtub or shower.

We’re talking about things like:

  • All-in-one stereo speaker and showerhead combinations
  • Bluetooth-enabled mirrors which sync up to any device you have
  • Waterproof TVs that can be installed on a tub wall
  • Wall-mounted control pads

If you think back to, say, about 20 years ago, the thought of bringing electronics into the bathroom was just too cumbersome:

  • Most devices weren’t equipped (or protected under warranty) to handle water exposure
  • There wasn’t much room to place them safely or within reach
  • While in the shower, you couldn’t really enjoy them (i.e. hear music playing)

All that has changed.

What you need to know is that, in 2017, the bathroom is expected to be a place of luxury and relaxation; instead of just a place to get in and out of as quickly as possible.



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The play yard

An expansive, lush and green backyard will never go out of style.

What more homeowners are doing in 2017 is customizing the home yard (or just a part of it) to allow for their favourite recreational activities.

That could include things like:

  • Putting in a small putting green
  • Installing a bocce ball or lawn bowling court
  • Building an outdoor gym
  • Creating a miniature basketball court

Not only does this benefit adults, but it gives families with kids a safe, easy-to-get-to place to play and be active.

Plus, it also increases the value of your home exponentially and makes Hamilton that much more of a great place to live.

Garage storageThe smart storage system

Answer this question: What would you do with extra space in your home?

Plenty, probably.

The best part is that you can increase how much room you have available without undertaking an expensive or costly renovation project.

2017 is all about smart, efficient storage systems in every room possible, such as:

  • Master bedroom: Floor-to-ceiling walk-in closets
  • Bathroom: Easy access shelves surrounding the toilet
  • Garage: Full length, wall-mounted cupboards
  • Kitchen pantry: Space-saving organizers based on food item (cans, pasta, baking, etc.)
  • Living room: Drawers for all gadgets, remotes, game consoles and more

Having a place for everything (and putting everything in its place) is the sign of a great quality home.

And while some clutter is unavoidable, 2017 is expected to be the year of incredibly efficient and functional home organization.

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